zondag 9 december 2012

Tag gemaakt met m'n gelatine plaat

Lekker aan het experimenteren met m'n gelatine plaat. Terwijl ik bezig was bedacht ik me dat dit probeersel wel in aanmerking komt voor mijn inzending voor de SDC 77

Here is a tag to join SDC77.
It is an experiment with my first home made gelatine plate (I'm waiting for the big gelli plate to arrive at my fav. craftstore). The making of the plate took at least one, completely failed, experiment because in the Netherlands they don't sell plain gelatine powder (so I tried to make a plate with gelly pudding). When you're interested in the the whole story; look at the older blogpost. They're in Dutch, but the pictures tell the story.
Because of the trouble I had making the gelli plate I think the sentiment fits pretty good ;-)